We know, just as former New York Supreme Court judge Sol Wachtler said about indict-ments: 'Prosecutors could indict a ham sand-wich.' Hence, help at the right time is essential--and you probably won't get it from an attorney.

Dedicated, Loyal Specialists

We are not beholden to prosecutors. We have success with prisoner complaints rarely seen in either the legal community or in non-attorney firms. 

We help you navigate the troubled waters of the "CRIMINAL Just Us System"

We have many years of successful assistance to inmates and to those accused of crimes. We are not attorneys; however, we have special-ized experience many lawyers do not have. The advantage is that we do not have a drink or play golf with the judge and prosecutor. We don't have anyone to cow-tow to.

We provide assistance to those newly indicted, help with pre-conviction assistance, post con- viction remedies, prison condition law suits, presidential commutation applications, and Sentencing Guideline amendment motions.

Experience You Can Trust

Gene Mathison, Managing Partner

Kaci R. Duran, Paralegal and secretary

Plus a staff dedicated to helping you get some real justice for a change. Over 20 years experience.

We Treat You with Respect

Respect to us means that even if you are guilty of an offense, you have rights which too often are run over by prosecutors, appointed lawyers, prison staff and, unfortunately, some judges as well. Our modest fees reflect this.

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